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My name is John Adam Gallegos, I’m a Filmmaker and Photographer based in the Chicago.I started my career on Hollywood film sets as a Production Assistant and am now dedicating my life to my passions; filmmaking, storytelling, amazing food and craft beer.  The sole intention of this label is to conceptualize, create, and distribute video content to the world in hopes that I can entertain, inspire and motivate people in the ways that my influences have affected me.. But that’s not all, my label isnt called 24 Frames Of Mind for nothing. This is my creative portal first and foremost for all of life’s little treasures. You’ll find that I’m slightly obsessed with life and all the wonderful splendors that lie within.

Bridging the gap between imagination and reality with nothing but a good story.. I want you to be captivated with my creations. I influence action, motivation, inspiration, education and entertainment through the captivating art of storytelling.

I do everything. Out of necessity I have had to learn how to craft all of the things you have seen on this site; even the site itself. If you are curious about a service that I offer, please send me a message and I will get back to you immediately!

Talking with the people at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

I’ve been away… But there’s a good reason.

The Bristol Renaissance Faire 2018

Big Bad Baptist Reserve Review