About John Adam Gallegos

I am a Filmmaker with 10 years experience in the Film and Video Production Industry. I started my career on Hollywood film sets as a Production Assistant and now dedicate my life to creating videos for Youtube. I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing film crews, artists, companies and exclusive production studios such as: Sony, 20th Century Fox, CBS, Warner Brothers, Treehouse Pictures, Facebook, The Style Network, The Food Network, Netflix, Amazon Studios Plate Magazine, Hotels Magazine and The Culinary Institute of America.. Inspired by the world and the wonders that lie in it, I constantly thrive to create new ideas and videos to deliver to the world in hopes that I can entertain and inspire people in the ways that my influences have affected me.

Glamping At Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort

Finally it's the weekend. Let's get out and have some fun! I hope you packed your bags. In this episode I traveled to Caledonia, Wisconsin with some friends. I've never been here before so if you havent either, you're not alone. Lets go walk the grounds and see what this place has to offer. We're [...]

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How Crazy Are You? And I Drank Passionate Craft Beer From The Future.

I'm ready for the weekend. In this episode I trek down to the concrete jungle of Chicago to pick up a very special beer from the future. Half Acre Brewing Company releases their annual India Pale Ale "Beer Hates Astronauts", let's go! I got sentimental drinking a beer, it happens right? A lot goes into [...]

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My Christmas Story Stranded In Chicago On Christmas Eve

This is my Christmas Story. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, guys. It is Christmas eve and I have finally arrived back home in the Windy City after a grueling train ride from Dallas. Now what am I doing walking the streets of Chicago on Christmas Eve when I should be home with my family? Well, [...]

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An Imaginative Guide To The Bristol Renaissance Faire

Ah the Renaissance… What a time to be alive in European Civilization; that depends on how you look at it. Although death was almost certain around every corner whether it be by the hand of man, disease or famine. Looking back at this era, one can depict a world where life was simple and [...]

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What Is Freedom To You And How Does It Impact Your Life?

  Today is the 4th of July and what does that mean? Freedom and individuality. But what is freedom? Today Im going to figure that out. In this episode I journey into my home town of Crystal Lake, Illinois. A small town, just about 45 miles from Chicago's loop. Crystal Lake is throwing [...]

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So, I’m kind of writing a children’s book and here’s the first look at Little Johnny Magician.

  Little Johnny Parker is an 8 year old boy. More than anything in this world, he dreams of one day growing up and becoming a Magician. Much to the angst of his father, Johnny began to hone one particular skill that he has become very good at. With the power of his magic [...]

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