About John Adam Gallegos

I am a Filmmaker with 10 years experience in the Film and Video Production Industry. I started my career on Hollywood film sets as a Production Assistant and now dedicate my life to creating videos for Youtube. I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing film crews, artists, companies and exclusive production studios such as: Sony, 20th Century Fox, CBS, Warner Brothers, Treehouse Pictures, Facebook, The Style Network, The Food Network, Netflix, Amazon Studios Plate Magazine, Hotels Magazine and The Culinary Institute of America.. Inspired by the world and the wonders that lie in it, I constantly thrive to create new ideas and videos to deliver to the world in hopes that I can entertain and inspire people in the ways that my influences have affected me.

IHDA’S Home Accessibility Program – Video

With the help of the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s (IHDA) Home Accessibility Program, Eve Salazar was able to install a stair lift in her Chicago home. Special thanks to UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago and Greg Grill, Sr. Director of Programs, for working with IHDA and the HAP program to ensure senior citizens and [...]

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Anthony Place Affordable Living For Seniors – Video

Yorkville residents, Geneva and David Fiore Sr., share their experience moving into Anthony Place Senior Apartments, a new two-story building offering 50 one- and two-bedroom units for residents 55 and older. Financed with an IHDA First Mortgage and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, the development brings much-needed senior housing to Kendall County. The property includes [...]

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Food Photograpy – Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand... bites? The images below are a culmination of food photography that I have captured over the years.  I am often contacted and commissioned at the request of restaurants, magazine publications and culinary minds looking to feature their dishes via social media or print. I have worked with several of [...]

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D&D Office Machines Commercial Advertisement

  A representative from D&D Office Machines came to me to have a commercial produced to be broadcasted in cable television for the duration of 2 years time. This commercial was produced, directed and edited by me. This commercial was produced in 2011. Shot on RED Epic! Please consider leaving a small donation towards my [...]

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Bristol Renaissance Faire 2018 – Photo Gallery

Well, it's that time of the year again. A time for dragons, fairies, wizards, warlocks, witches and food. Yes, the Bristol Renaissance Faire is back in town and I'm packing my bags to head back home to the land where Fantasy rules. Its was a quick day for the most part but I was [...]

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Melissa Williams Single Family Rehabilitation – Video

This video is very close to my heart. We met with Melissa Williams and her family a couple weeks ago. Melissa used one of my company's programs and was able to rehab some things around her house. We spent the day with them just to see what a day in the life with them [...]

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Big Bad Baptist Reserve

An interesting find when visiting a local bottle store that I frequent. Now, please understand that I will drink IPAs all year round. It just serves my palette and will be very different than yours. On the flip side, I know alot of craft beer lovers that can drink stouts in the middle of [...]

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IHDA Culture – Video

An honor and a pleasure to be working with some of the most warm hearted individuals in Illinois to create and preserve affordable housing in Illinois. Take a peak at our newest video, a look behind the curtain diving into the Culture at the Illinois Housing Development Authority. IHDA was created by the state legislature [...]

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Hope Manor Joliet – Video

  Some have been curious as to where I have been for the past few months. My efforts have gone towards helping individuals get affordable housing in Illinois. This series of videos will provide a beacon of light and hope for those who may be struggling and have no where else to go. My first [...]

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The Reason You Need To Experience The Bristol Renaissance Faire

Look no further and stop questioning it; just go! The reason you need to experience the Bristol Renaissance Faire in 2017 is here in this video. In this episode I get down and dirty with the life force, the exact reason why the Bristol Renaissance Faire is so special. Come with me as I eat, [...]

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