An interesting find when visiting a local bottle store that I frequent. Now, please understand that I will drink IPAs all year round. It just serves my palette and will be very different than yours. On the flip side, I know alot of craft beer lovers that can drink stouts in the middle of summer (side note: I totally drank a Bourbon County Rare last year in the middle of July at a camp ground check out the video here – delicious, but I wouldn’t recommend it in the heat). That being said, it was very weird that I was craving something special and Bourbon Barrel Aged. My best bet would be because Dark Lord Day had just ended and I had some guilt about not going.

So I walked in and asked one of my close friends if he had anything special in the back of the shop to which he nodded in extreme excitement. Heading to the back of the shop I waited eagerly in anticipation for the treat that he would bring back. Behold, Big Bad Baptist Reserve. Now, I’ve had regular Big Bad Baptist and have found it in striking comparison to Bourbon County Brand Stout (BCBS) so shelling out $30 for the 22oz bottle,  a bargain considering only 600 cases of this were produced. Cracked this bad boy open and poured it into a large snifter. Lets take a taste.

Appearance – Black as can be. No light getting through this bad boy. Creamy toffee head with lots of lacing indicating the alcohol presence.

Smell – Cream, dark chocolate, coconut and and strong bourbon barrel characteristics on the nose.

Taste – Honestly, gonna go out on a limb here. Tastes like Bourbon County Proprietors Stout from 2013. Exactly like a mounds bar. Dark Chocolate and coconut heaven. Lots of heat from the bourbon barrel. So if you like that bourbon taste this one is definitely worth a try.

Viscosity – Not too thick at all. In comparison to BCBS (which is fairly thick) the carbonation to wort ratio is well done here. The texture comes in and then leaves shortly after.

Overall – Fantastic beer. Because it was so similar to 2013 prop I had no hard time taking this one down with a friend. Sip it and enjoy it. Coming in at 11.7 ABV this one will knock you on your butt if you try to conquer it all by yourself. If you happen to come across this beauty grab two and cellar one. Id like to see where it goes in the next five years.

Now its time that I hear from you. Have you tried this beer? Do you want to try it? Id love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this fantastic brew in the comment section below.

Great people drink great beer. Cheers to all you Beer Geeks!

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