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Big Bad Baptist Reserve

Welcome to Craft Beer Expedition! Here I will be exploring the biggest and the best beers and eats across the country. My love for good food and great beer has conceived this idea to document and share my experiences with you in hopes that I can entertain and inspire you to get out and taste the world. Each craft beer or dish will be rated on a five star system. 5 stars being the best you can get versus 1 start meaning you should avoid this at all cost. Craft Beer Expedition will be especially enjoyable to those who [...]

IHDA Culture

An honor and a pleasure to be working with some of the most warm hearted individuals in Illinois to create and preserve affordable housing in Illinois. Take a peak at our newest video, a look behind the curtain diving into the Culture at the Illinois Housing Development Authority. IHDA was created by the state legislature in 1967 as a self-supporting agency to finance affordable housing across Illinois. IHDA does not use taxpayer dollars to sustain its operations, although it does administer publicly funded programs on behalf of the state. Since 1967, IHDA has financed 250,000 units, and has pumped $18 [...]

Hope Manor Joliet

  Some have been curious as to where I have been for the past few months. My efforts have gone towards helping individuals get affordable housing in Illinois. This series of videos will provide a beacon of light and hope for those who may be struggling and have no where else to go. My first video in this new adventure highlights affordable housing for veterans in Joliet, Illinois. This is Hope Manor Joliet. Meet the residents of Hope Manor Joliet: Bobby Mister, Latondra Green, and Jeanie DeLascasas. The Illinois Housing Development Authority is proud to share these unique impact stories [...]

So, I’m kind of writing a children’s book and here’s the first look at Little Johnny Magician.

  Little Johnny Parker is an 8 year old boy. More than anything in this world, he dreams of one day growing up and becoming a Magician. Much to the angst of his father, Johnny began to hone one particular skill that he has become very good at. With the power of his magic wand (and a little imagination) he is able to transform everyday life into not so ordinary everyday things. Although sometimes his imagination gets the best of him... And eats the last piece of Pizza.   The evolution of collaboration has many faces and at points [...]