Buy the ticket take the ride. This is episode two of a two part 4th of July series. Happy fourth of July everyone! In this episode I travel to a friends house for a most excellent parade and BBQ by the pool complete with great food, good brews and of course, amazing fireworks. But what independence day would be complete with out a trip to the lakeside festival for music, more food, more beer and MORE fireworks. Haha.

I jumped around sampling bit by bit until I found a familiar face from Last year. Josh Downey, owner of Chicago Johnny’s saw me shooting with my camera last year, came up to me and willingly asked if I was hungry. Um, yup! I was take a back with his extreme generosity. Welp, I saw him again this year and wanted to feature him and his company a bit more. His values alongside his food are next to NONE.

After that dang delicious bowl of Jambalaya I decided to hunker down for a minute and listen to some tunes by courtesy of Lava Rock and Modern Day Romeos. As the day progressed I wanted to reflect once again on what my freedom meant to me. So I express that accordingly, some may enjoy what I have to say and some may not. But thats freedom baby!

I hope you guys had a safe and happy independence day. Much love, guys!

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Music by:
Joakim Karud