Buy the ticket take the ride. It’s the 4th of July weekend and that means good food and good times with familiar faces. I need a sub and not just any sub an Al Capone from The Algonquin Sub Shop. I gorged my face on the Italian sandwich with little to no respect for my dignity but my stay was short lived when the rain decided to steal my thunder (no pun intended). Ah, I do love summer…

No worries though, it’s June 30th and the Lakeside Festival in Crystal Lake, Illinois is under way. It’s kind of like a carnival with great food, music ( from awesome bands like 7th Heaven and Modern Day Romeos) and fireworks at the end of the holiday weekend. Also wanted to sit down with you guys for a second to touch on the state of the channel. Im loving YouTube as a social media platform in which I can express myself and interact with you guys. I touch a little bit on the future of the channel and the particular business Ive chosen going forward.

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Music by:
Joakim Karud