The Reason You Need To Experience The Bristol Renaissance Faire

Look no further and stop questioning it; just go! The reason you need to experience the Bristol Renaissance Faire in 2017 is here in this video. In this episode I get down and dirty with the life force, the exact reason why the Bristol Renaissance Faire is so special. Come with me as I eat, [...]

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My First Time On LSD With A Boosted Board And Justin Bravo

This was an insane experience. In this episode I meet up wth friend and fellow YouTube Justin Bravo. He happens to be in town for the day so we thought it would be fun to get together and paint the town. Well, Navy Pier. But how are we going to get there? Easy! We found [...]

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Opening Day At The Bristol Renaissance Faire

It's here, finally! grab you bags and lets go! In this episode Im heading back home to the Bristol Renaissance Faire!!! It's opening day and the faire is in full swing. Turkey legs, corsets and medieval goodness all around! Sheesh there are alot of people here. Its exactly as I remember. Almost as if the [...]

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Porkin Out At The Rockin Rib Fest

Alright, guys. Let's pork out! In this episode I stop by the Lake in the hills Rockin' BBQ Rib Fest to dive into some swine. With over 10 vendors from all over the country there are so many choices to pick from including local pit masters from Woodstock Illinois; BBQ King Smokehouse and Ohio native [...]

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But The Ticket Take The Ride Vol.2

Buy the ticket take the ride. This is episode two of a two part 4th of July series. Happy fourth of July everyone! In this episode I travel to a friends house for a most excellent parade and BBQ by the pool complete with great food, good brews and of course, amazing fireworks. But what [...]

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Glamping At Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort

Finally it's the weekend. Let's get out and have some fun! I hope you packed your bags. In this episode I traveled to Caledonia, Wisconsin with some friends. I've never been here before so if you havent either, you're not alone. Lets go walk the grounds and see what this place has to offer. We're [...]

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