The birth of inspiration begins with a bang. A bang so intense it leaves a mark. A mark not necessarily identifiable by sight or sound but of mind.

There’s a reason why you are where you are today. Whether good or bad, influence in any shape or form dictates a driving path from birth to death.

Ever since I can remember I always wanted to make movies. The glimmer of creating immortal stories that people loved and cherished for decades has grown on me as a form of eternal life. For me, inspiration began right here at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my videos. Any artist will tell you that when they create they are creating for a greater good. That greater good is and always will be you. Any art needs an audience. My work is no different. Without any kind of support group or people to appreciate my videos my work goes unfulfilled and unsatisfied. I invite you to please share this video if you enjoyed it. Hit that subscribe button to keep up to date with all of my videos. Leave a comment, press the thumbs up button if you liked it, or the thumbs down button if you hated it.

Music by Dyalla Swain