Happy Memorial Day! Today, in vlog number one we take the time to focus on those who have lost their lives and dedicated their existence to the freedom and security of the citizen of The United Stated Of America. Gone but not forgotten, we reflect on the people who we have lost that meant the world to us.

Today was an excellent day. The weather was fantastic and I got extreme summer vibes as I soaked up the sun watching the Memorial day parade right outside of my house. But that wasn’t enough. I needed something more to quench my summer time feeling. So I visited a local coffee shop called “Grounds Coffee Bar”. I’ve never been here but its right down the street (go figure, right)? What the heck is nitro brew coffee!? Anyways, I got one and took a trip to a local beach to soak up some much needed sun.

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Music By: Andrew Applepie – https://soundcloud.com/andrewapplepie