Melissa Williams Single Family Rehabilitation – Video

This video is very close to my heart. We met with Melissa Williams and her family a couple weeks ago. Melissa used one of my company’s programs and was able to rehab some things around her house. We spent the day with them just to see what a day in the life with them would be like and wow!  I was taken back not only by the love that they have for one another but also by how genuinely grateful they are for everything and everyone they have in their life. The hospitality that they extended to myself and my producer was out of this world. Enough of my words, see for yourself. Press that play button!

Bloomington, IL resident, Melissa Williams shares her story about the impact of IHDA’s Single Family Rehabilitation (SFR) Program. The Single Family Rehabilitation Program helps homeowners improve their properties by making overdue repairs that address health and safety Issues. For more information or to see if you may qualify for SFR, contact or visit our website


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