This is my Christmas Story. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, guys. It is Christmas eve and I have finally arrived back home in the Windy City after a grueling train ride from Dallas.

Now what am I doing walking the streets of Chicago on Christmas Eve when I should be home with my family? Well, it’s very simple. Im trying to get back home. I have one more train ride ahead of me before I can join my family for the Christmas festivities.

The only problem is that the Metra Northwest line is so backed up, no trains are going in or out of Ogilvie at the moment. I really have no idea when I’m getting home.

Regardless, I need to look at the positive of all of this, It looks like I’ve acquired some time on my hands. I have yet to see what Downtown Chicago has to look like decked out in Christmas faire. What a better time to do it, right?

Join me in this most interesting Christmas Story as I trek through downtown Chicago to visit the McCormick Tribute Ice Rink, The Walnut Room at Macy’s and at The Christkindl Marketplace in Daley Plaza. I just hope I get home in time to be with my family.

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