Project Description

Project: Blackbird

This short documentary film showcases Project: Blackbird, a substantial multi-media project written and produced by Plate magazine and made possible by the National Pork Board. At the center of the project is an oral history of Blackbird – how the award-winning restaurant came to shape and be shaped by the culinary landscape of the past fifteen years and the famous chefs who did it. Released in December 2013, the project aims to provide the single most extensive look at the evolution of a restaurant in editorial today, showcasing Plate magazine’s mission to Take Food Further.

Award Winner

This video was produced and shot by 24 Frames Of Mind for the people at Plate Magazine and the deliciously talented crew at Blackbird in Chicago, Illinois. It won the “Best Multimedia Presentation” award from the American Food Journal in 2014.

Gear and Software

  • Canon 5D & Canon 7D
  • Two 24-170mm Canon L series lenses
  • Steadicam Package
  • Seperate System Audio
  • Red Giant Pluraleyes
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Adobe Audition CC

Meet The Crew

Produced By: John Gallegos
Videography By: John Gallegos & Camrin Petramale
Edited By: John Gallegos
Location Sound By: Camrin Petramale