Project: Blackbird


Project: Blackbird This short documentary film showcases Project: Blackbird, a substantial multi-media project written and produced by Plate magazine and made possible by the National Pork Board. At the center of the project is an oral history of Blackbird – how the award-winning restaurant came to shape and be shaped [...]

D&D Office Machines Commercial


D&D Office Machines Commercial A commercial filmmaking advertisement made for the educated and professionals folks at D&D Office Machines.  A comedic blend of Office space meets 2001: A Space Odyssey with our own touch in the middle. D&D Office Machines was a broadcast commercial Produced by 24 Frames Of Mind The commercial [...]



Bastard! A short scene study depicting a toxic relationship driven by lust, greed acceptance and escape. Katy, an impressionable 32 year old mother of one and wife to be has been secretly seeing Huey, a manipulative 35 year old internet mogul for the past year. Over the course of this year, [...]

Baby Time E1 – Labor Pains


Baby Time Episode 1 Welcome to Baby Time! — A comedic adventure web series about one very important day. Richard's wife wife is having a baby... TODAY! Unfortunately, he faces increasing difficulty in reaching her before she gives birth. Each episode presents new neighborhoods and characters of Chicago that [...]

All State Ballerina Commercial


All State Ballerina Commercial This commercial was a speculative commercial made on behalf of All State Insurance. Duities as the production company of this commercial were to create a concept and see the concept through the stages of pre-production, production and post production. 24 Frames Of Mind worked closely with actors and [...]

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