If you happen to be a chef, restauranteur or aspiring culinary mind your know your menu is everything.  It’s the reason why your customers choose you over other restaurants that may be in the area. You may have gained a following; a gathering of the usual suspects that come in to your restaurant, but how can you get more attraction on your dishes? What’s going to get your customers out of the comfort of their homes to eat your food? If people truly do eat with their eyes, great food photography is they key ingredient in gaining attraction to your dishes. After all, would you rather read about the menu or actually see what’s on the bill of faire?

My turn around time for your food photography images is extremely fast. Once all decisions have been collaborated between myself and the brand or organization seeking the images, the idea is set in motion. The only remaining necessity is to create scheduled date to start capturing the photos of your dishes. In order to get a better idea of my process when dealing with images as they pertain to Food Photography, please take a look at our process below.

One way or another you found my portfolio online and may be interested in speaking with me. That’s great!! I love meeting new people and starting new relationships. Are you interested in getting to know me a little better? Send me a message via the contact button below. Once I receive your message we can schedule a meeting (in person or via Skype) and get to know one another a little better. Whatever you prefer.  Please fill out all the required fields on the contact page so I can determine exactly what your needs are. Once I receive your message I will contact you immediately to set up a meeting.
Welcome to the meeting! Lets sit down and have a little chat. In this stage of me Food Photography process I sit down with you to get to know you and your brand a little more. Depending on the genre of your dish or restaurant, I will present you with some preliminary ideas to go after in order to best suit the images we are about to take. Once the specified styling of the dishes have been decided on, both parties agree on a day and time that best suits your schedule. These scheduled times  can be set days of the week (every Tuesday and Thursday of the week until the work has been completed), or all at once (depending on the size of your menu).
The day has finally arrived. Let’s shoot your dishes! On the day of the scheduled shoot I will come to your place of business with my gear and shoot the required dishes. A spot in your place of business should be reserved in a well lit area where we can set up shop for a few hours as we capture hundreds of images of your dishes from many different angles. Keeping true to the specified genre, I will set up any kind of set dressing to be placed into the image to affirm continuity with all of the images being captured.
We did it! All of you images are in the can and are ready to be perfected. So what do we do now? At this point it is now time to review all of the images and select the best ones that were captured. Although you will receive all of the captured RAW images at the end of the process, at this point the best shots are chosen to color correct and watermark. Once the images are selected, they will be imported into Adobe Lightroom in order to enhance the image to its full potential. Exposure, Color Temperature, Contrast, Vibrance, Saturation, Clarity… You name it. This is the icing on the cake and makes your images pop that much more. Once the images are finished in Adobe Lightroom, they will be exported and imported into Adobe Photoshop to add your company’s branding (watermarked) to each and every image.
Your images are now watermarked and are ready to go! At this point I will now export all of the chosen images to your desired file extension and image size. Your images (both the color corrected images and the RAW images) are now placed on a storage device of your choice (hard drive, thumb drive, dvd etc.) and are delivered to you immediately. No need to worry, we keep back ups (at no extra charge) of all of your images for up to one year in the case that they are somehow misplaced. Should you want your images remotely, we can delivery them to you via Dropbox or Google Drive.