So you have all of this video content and have no clue what to do with it. Whether it’s sitting on a hard drive, a DVD or a VHS, that footage is just sitting there. Why!? Lets make something awesome out of it! My Post Production process of Video Editing can turn your Short Film, Feature Film, Commercial, Music Video or promotional video into a valuable asset. You’ve spent countless hours planning on how to execute your production and you’ve done it. That’s an accomplishment in itself. But now you have to bring everything together. You’ve come to the right place! If there is one thing I take pride in doing, it is possessing the ability to tell a story in the best was it can be delivered to an audience.  I can assemble all of your resources into an un-compressed, non-linear editing suite and begin to create your project in a fashion that meets your deadlines; Guaranteed! I will work closely with you to ensure  the job is getting done to your satisfaction.

All of my post production services are crafted on the Adobe Creative Cloud. Our primary editing platform is Adobe Premiere Pro (although I can work on Final Cut Pro should that be your platform of choice).  I will work around the clock for your Short Film, Feature Film, Television (or Internet) Commercial, Broadcast Television Show, Corporate Video, Testimonial or Promotional Video to ensure your production is wrapped up and reaching your audience in a creative and coerce fashion. I can even bring together all of that home video footage you have laying around.

Flat Rate Services

Rest easy with my flat rate Video Editing Packages tailored to any budget.

No Added Charges

All final sums will be discussed before the edit. You will never pay more that what is discussed.

Deadlines always met

Got a video you need edited FAST!? My project turn around is like no other. I will get it done.

Never Fear!

I guarantee to deliver your edited project before your deadline. You will never be waiting on me.

Remote and Onsite Services

Have a studio you want me to come to? I can bring my gear to you or I can use yours.

Convienence with a choice

Care to join me for an editing session in my editing suite? Grab a drink or a bite to eat. Lets get to work!

Organization in the editing process is vital to a quick and productive post production process. As a byproduct of organization, work effectiveness is produced in the process hereby eliminating deadlines that may have been missed without organization. Imagine sitting down with your editor only to have to constantly sift through content that has been unlabeled, un-synced and untrimmed. This process is timely and in the end will end up exceeding your original budget.  My process eliminates the clutter and cuts the time of the edit in half.

Have you presented your project to one of the big Post-Production houses in Chicago or surrounding areas? The problem with this method always comes down to one thing; money. The cost for some of these Post-Production houses to take on your project are going to be astronomical. But why? These companies segregate different divisions of Post-Production into separate teams and have massive overhead to consider for their facilities. If you want your Video Edited, Color Corrected and DVD Authored, your project is going to be touching the hands of several individuals that do specifically those things. Those different individuals have to be paid by the company itself to ensure their job is secure. The benefit of handing your project off to one person to who can do all of the things is… wait for it… Yes! Less money! When your project reaches our hands we offer flat rate packages based on your project details that take your Video completely though Post-Production (and you don’t have to talk with 5 people in the process!).

Lets start cutting today

  • Flat rate Video Editing Packages tailored to your budget.
  • Virtually no overhead charges added into your budget.
  • Your project is only touching one set of hands.
  • Remote and on site video editing services delivered to any platform.
  • All projects delivered before your deadline; Guaranteed.
  • Peace of mind with our project backup services.