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Video Editing Portfolio

So what do you do with all of that video content you have? Is it sitting on a Hard Drive, Tape or DVD? Let’s turn it into a beautifully crafted video. Below are a collection of videos edited by me. Short films, commercials, promotional videos, testimonials and tutorial videos. I edit anything and everything. Often a business or organization will contact me on behalf of their brand inquiring on a video to be made for them. The intended usage and final product end up on cable television, social media or even end up being an awesome family video.


Zee Artistry – Oily Skin

Zee Artistry - Oily Skin Summer Skin.. What does this entail? Your skin is going to get oily! This makeup tutorial shows the quick and easy steps to get a perfect complexion and minimize the amount of oil produced throughout the day. Check out our other video done with Zee [...]


Zee Artistry – Contour Skin

Zee Artistry - Contour Skin A makeup tutorial video produced for Zee Artistry. This short tutorial features how to properly contour ones face using different makeup products. Contour can be super tricky but when done properly, it can do amazing things to your skin! Check out my quick tutorial on [...]


MP3 Farms – Pork Production and Sustainability

Mp3 Farms - Pork Production and Sustainability A short featurette depicting MP3 Farms, a family operated company rooted in the North Central Indiana Agricultural Industry for 5 generations. The small family livestock and grain operation of the late 19th century has handed down a high integrity and hard working culture which [...]


Project: Blackbird

Project: Blackbird This short documentary film showcases Project: Blackbird, a substantial multi-media project written and produced by Plate magazine and made possible by the National Pork Board. At the center of the project is an oral history of Blackbird – how the award-winning restaurant came to shape and be shaped [...]


D&D Office Machines Commercial

D&D Office Machines Commercial A commercial filmmaking advertisement made for the educated and professionals folks at D&D Office Machines.  A comedic blend of Office space meets 2001: A Space Odyssey with our own touch in the middle. D&D Office Machines was a broadcast commercial Produced by 24 Frames Of Mind The commercial [...]



Bastard! A short scene study depicting a toxic relationship driven by lust, greed acceptance and escape. Katy, an impressionable 32 year old mother of one and wife to be has been secretly seeing Huey, a manipulative 35 year old internet mogul for the past year. Over the course of this year, [...]


All State Ballerina Commercial

All State Ballerina Commercial This commercial was a speculative commercial made on behalf of All State Insurance. Duities as the production company of this commercial were to create a concept and see the concept through the stages of pre-production, production and post production. 24 Frames Of Mind worked closely with actors and [...]