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Modern day Filmmaking at its best!

The art of Filmmaking has changed completely over the years. Thanks to the blessing of the internet, all you need to become a Filmmaker is a camera, some kind of editing program and a little imagination. I’m a firm believer in knowing that all you need is an interesting story and some decent camera gear to make it happen. Life is short, there are specific things we must appreciate, learn and honor.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get out and live! Grab your bags and Join me as we journey behind the scenes the life of an Indie Filmmaker. The good, the bad and the extremely ugly. New content is constantly being added to me¬†Youtube channel¬†here.

Changes at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios

The birth of inspiration begins with a bang. A bang so intense it leaves a mark. A mark not necessarily identifiable by sight or sound but of mind. There's a reason why you are where you are today. Whether good or bad, influence in any shape or form dictates a driving path from birth to [...]

Trying things for the first time at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Remember being a kid? The feeling you had the night before Christmas knowing magic is about to happen? That's exactly how I felt the night before our flight into Orlando International Airport. Granted I hadn't been on an airplane in 10 years, the presence of sheer terror coupled with this childlike bliss was an [...]

A big change in perspective in Eagle River Wisconsin

When's the last time you put your phone down and just observed the moment? If you truly think about it, this very moment you're experiencing right now is absolutely perfect. Free from anxiety, sorrow or hardships being present minded and a change of perspective is exactly what I needed.So, we packed our bags and headed [...]

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