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Below is a collection of Short Films, Commercials, Testimonials and other videos that I have produced, directed, edited and written over the years. Often a business or organization will contact me on behalf of their brand inquiring on a video to be made for them. The intended usage and final product end up on cable television or for use with social media.

Each of the following videos were catered to a specific budget that was accounted for at the initial meeting between myself and the company or organization that was seeking video production services. Each production requires a tailor made budget designed specifically around its needs.

Companies and Studios That I Have Worked With

City of Paris – Building a Better Community

When local employers considered moving to Indiana when their workforces could not find enough housing, the City of Paris worked with IHDA and the Laborers’ Home Development Corporation to develop quality affordable apartments that convinced them to stay. More recently, as demand for affordable housing for seniors has grown, the City [...]

IHDA Funding to End Homelessness – Lincoln Park Community Services

IHDA was one of the major funders of Lincoln Park Community Services' (LPCS) newly constructed permanent supportive housing development in Chicago. This 20-unit community supports people who have experienced homelessness by providing affordable housing and critical resources to support their employment, education, mental health, and overall stability. In this video, resident [...]

IHDA Homeownership – Creating Hope, Changing Lives

Young couples often confront a variety of challenges, from finishing school to securing appropriate housing for their families. For Illinois residents Cecilia and Alexis, IHDA offered the much needed resources and support to assist them in becoming homeowners. In addition to receiving down payment assistance, these newlyweds illustrate ways that IHDA [...]

IHDA Partnering To Provide Affordable Housing

  Community partnerships are a key component to IHDA’s ability to provide affordable housing opportunities in Illinois. Through our collaboration with the Housing Authority of Cook County (HACC,) our joint efforts provide participants like Dewanna Hughes with the financial and supportive services needed for sustainable homeownership. In this video, Dewanna and the [...]

Diversity And Inclusion At IHDA

Diversity and inclusion are key values at IHDA and we are proud to offer a unique staff culture where people's differences are embraced and celebrated. We believe that our differences strengthen both our team, and our overall mission to provide affordable housing options to people throughout Illinois. Thank you so much for [...]

Louvell Houston – IHDA’s Home Accessibility Program

With the help of the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s (IHDA) Home Accessibility Program (HAP), Louvell and Catherine Houston were able to install a wheelchair ramp in their Chicago home that helped Louvell regain his mobility and independence. The Houston’s learned about the HAP program from their daughter Lovetta, who attended a [...]

IHDA’s Impact – 2018 Highlights

Affordable housing is about more than just shelter. Over the past year, we had the privilege of traveling the state to meet with residents, partners and others to learn what their home or neighborhood means to them. Whether it was a family who is thankful to have keys to their own [...]

IHDA’S Community Revitalization Programs

IHDA’s stabilization and planning strategies provide guidance and funding to help local governments effectively tackle their most urgent problems and grow their communities. The City of Decatur was awarded grant funding from IHDA in 2018, which allowed them to turn vacant and blighted properties into assets, helping renew their neighborhoods for [...]

IHDA’S Access Mortgage Program

With the help of his loan officer at Oak Leaf Community Mortgage and IHDA’s Access Mortgage Program, Chris Brady found the down payment boost he needed to begin a new chapter as a first-time homebuyer. Chris received $10,000 in down payment assistance that not only made homeownership a reality, but also ensured [...]

IHDA – Illinois Hardest Hit Program

After being employed by the same company for more than 20 years, Selena was suddenly laid off with a mortgage, an auto loan, medical bills and college tuition for her daughter. Uncertain of her immediate future, Selena found help through the Illinois Hardest Hit Program (HHF). The assistance enabled Selena to look [...]

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