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Video Production Portfolio

Below is a collection of Short Films, Commercials, Testimonials and other videos that I have produced, directed, edited and written over the years. Often a business or organization will contact me on behalf of their brand inquiring on a video to be made for them. The intended usage and final product end up on cable television or for use with social media.

Each of the following videos were catered to a specific budget that was accounted for at the initial meeting between myself and the company or organization that was seeking video production services. Each production requires a tailor made budget designed specifically around its needs.

Companies and Studios That I Have Worked With

Baby Time – Episode One: The Journey Begins – Video

Welcome to Baby Time! — a comedic adventure web series about one very important day. Richard’s wife wife is having a baby… TODAY! Unfortunately, he faces increasing difficulty in reaching her before she gives birth. Each episode presents new neighborhoods and characters of Chicago that challenge his control-freak nature, and eventually [...]