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Below is a collection of Short Films, Commercials, Testimonials and other videos that I have produced, directed, edited and written over the years. Often a business or organization will contact me on behalf of their brand inquiring on a video to be made for them. The intended usage and final product end up on cable television or for use with social media.

Each of the following videos were catered to a specific budget that was accounted for at the initial meeting between myself and the company or organization that was seeking video production services. Each production requires a tailor made budget designed specifically around its needs.

Companies and Studios That I Have Worked With

IHDA’S Home Accessibility Program

With the help of the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s (IHDA) Home Accessibility Program, Eve Salazar was able to install a stair lift in her Chicago home.Special thanks to UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago and Greg Grill, Sr. Director of Programs, for working with IHDA and the HAP program to ensure senior citizens [...]

Anthony Place Affordable Living For Seniors

Yorkville residents, Geneva and David Fiore Sr., share their experience moving into Anthony Place Senior Apartments, a new two-story building offering 50 one- and two-bedroom units for residents 55 and older. Financed with an IHDA First Mortgage and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, the development brings much-needed senior housing to Kendall County. [...]

Melissa Williams Single Family Rehabilitation

This video is very close to my heart. We met with Melissa Williams and her family a couple weeks ago. Melissa used one of my company's programs and was able to rehab some things around her house. We spent the day with them just to see what a day in the life [...]

Hope Manor Joliet

  Some have been curious as to where I have been for the past few months. My efforts have gone towards helping individuals get affordable housing in Illinois. This series of videos will provide a beacon of light and hope for those who may be struggling and have no where else to [...]

D&D Office Machines Commercial Advertisement

  A representative from D&D Office Machines came to me to have a commercial produced to be broadcasted in cable television for the duration of 2 years time. This commercial was produced, directed and edited by me. This commercial was produced in 2011. Shot on RED Epic! Please consider leaving a small [...]

The Scary Ham

A scene from the short film "The Scary Ham" edited by me. This was a great experience for me. I got to wok closely with my Film School professor who taught me so many things about film and being an artist. This short film is an adaptation of Ellen Klages' family [...]


A short movie depicting a toxic relationship driven by lust, greed acceptance and escape. Katy, an impressionable 32 year old mother of one and wife to be has been secretly seeing Huey, a manipulative 35 year old internet mogul for the past year. Over the course of this year, the two [...]

The Making Of AllState Insurance Ballerina Commercial

Take a look behind the scenes as we craft this Allstate Insurance Ballerina commercial, A spec commercial for Allstate Insurance dedicated to the parents who shape, influence and inspire young lives to become the people we are today. A spec commercial for Allstate Insurance dedicated to the parents who shape, influence [...]

Allstate Insurance Ballerina Commercial

This commercial was a speculative commercial made on behalf of All State Insurance. Duities as the production company of this commercial were to create a concept and see the concept through the stages of pre-production, production and post production. I worked closely with actors and all key crew members to produce a [...]

Baby Time – Episode Two: The Soccer Mom V. The Pitbull

Welcome to Baby Time! — a comedic adventure web series about one very important day. Richard’s wife wife is having a baby… TODAY! Unfortunately, he faces increasing difficulty in reaching her before she gives birth. Each episode presents new neighborhoods and characters of Chicago that challenge his control-freak nature, and eventually [...]

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